Japanese Knives

My latest acquisition is a DE BUYER FK2 Asian Chef Knife, 6-Inch, Metallic Black. I love De Buyer pans but I've never tried before De Buyer knives. I … [Read More...]

The Miyabi 5000DP Gyutoh 200 chef knife 8-Inch is the latest addition to my growing collection of kitchen knives. This knife is a typical Japanese … [Read More...]

I bought this knife for $26 as an alternative to considerably more expensive Wüsthof Classic Chef's Knife - 8" - Vegetable or Gourmet Ridge "Vegetable … [Read More...]

European Knives

Bought on my recent trip to Munich, the F.Dick 1905 paring knife is everything one can expect from a paring knife - versatile, small and extremely … [Read More...]

Bread knife should not be expensive. Bread knives go long way without any maintenance. I'm pretty happy with Victorinox Cutlery 9-Inch Wavy Edge Bread … [Read More...]

My latest acquisitions of small kitchen knives: Mercer Culinary Genesis 2-1/2-Inch Forged Peeling Knife Wusthof Classic 4" Extra Wide Paring … [Read More...]

Knife Sharpening

The Deglon Ceramics Knife Sharpener has very smooth milky white surface, something to the tune of 2,000 grit by feeling of it. Yet this smooth feeling does not make it any less abrasive, even the light stroke of the knife leave black steel residue on … [Read More...]

I bought the Wusthof Diamond-Coated Sharpening Steel (10 inch, model 4483) about two years ago in Vienna, Austria. After almost daily use over these two years it still looks and performs brand-new, no coating damage, no tear and wear. Unlike Deglon … [Read More...]

Make no mistake there is nothing subtle about this tool. It literally shaves a metal layer with each pass. This tool is good for really dull generic knifes or heavy duty butcher knives, don't use it on damascus knives or any high-end brands. Still I … [Read More...]

The F. Dick 11-inch Multicut Steel is one of the best honing tools at the market. It allows to keep your knife reasonably sharp for extensive periods of time without unnecessarily wearing knife by whetstone sharpening. It's a must for kitchen … [Read More...]