Japanese Knives

Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy 3-Layered Chef Knives F-807	and F-808

These two Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy 3-Layered Chef Knives F-807 and F-808 are my favorite all-around no-nonsense knives, 7 and 8 inch respectively. … [Read More...]


Honesuki is the Japanese boning knife with characteristic extremely sharp triangular pointed tip. The angular knife shape is designed for cutting … [Read More...]

Japanese Seto Petty Knife, Damascus Forged Steel, 33 layers

The Seto petty knife is a great utility knife, a pretty much universal in the kitchen - whether for cutting or peeling vegetables or breaking down … [Read More...]

European Knives

Deglon Cuisine Ideale Bread Knife, 8-Inch

No Sabatier company owns Sabatier brand and yet the name Sabatier has become an industry de-facto standard as a superior performance professional … [Read More...]

Zwilling Four Star Fillet Knife, 180 mm

Whether you are filleting salmon for gravlax, boning whole chicken, stuffing lamb leg or slicing beef for teppanyaki, this is the knife for the job, … [Read More...]

Zwilling Twin Cuisine Slicing Knife, 200 mm

The upper knife is the brand new. The lower one went through one year heavy abuse including dishwasher, a big no-no for quality knives. Still, despite … [Read More...]

Knife Sharpening

Deglon Ceramics Knife Sharpener, 9-Inch

The Deglon Ceramics Knife Sharpener has very smooth milky white surface, something to the tune of 2,000 grit by feeling of it. Yet this smooth feeling does not make it any less abrasive, even the light stroke of the knife leave black steel residue on … [Read More...]

Wusthof Extra Fine diamond coating Sharpening Steel

I bought the Wusthof Diamond-Coated Sharpening Steel (10 inch, model 4483) about two years ago in Vienna, Austria. After almost daily use over these two years it still looks and performs brand-new, no coating damage, no tear and wear. Unlike Deglon … [Read More...]

Deglon Oval Diamond Steel Knife Sharpener, 10-Inch

Make no mistake there is nothing subtle about this tool. It literally shaves a metal layer with each pass. This tool is good for really dull generic knifes or heavy duty butcher knives, don't use it on damascus knives or any high-end brands. Still I … [Read More...]

F. Dick 11-inch Multicut Steel Flat Fine Cut

The F. Dick 11-inch Multicut Steel is one of the best honing tools at the market. It allows to keep your knife reasonably sharp for extensive periods of time without unnecessarily wearing knife by whetstone sharpening. It's a must for kitchen … [Read More...]